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Superior quality of machinery components and products such as PM Series Reducer, Planetary Gearmotor, NEMA Series, etc.
About Us

We, PCCM Technologies Co., Ltd., located in Taichung, Taiwan,with professional team members backed by a deep industry knowledge and we have been consistently manufacturing and serving the customers with a highly efficient product range as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Having decades of experience in power transmission, motion control, machinery and other industries, we have become professional mechanical components (e.g. Gearbox & Motors) manufacturer. Our exemplary range of machinery components and products, which includes Precision Planetary Gearboxes including PSE Series (stainless steel gearbox), PMS Series, PNO Series, POS Series, PHR Series (Right Angle Gearbox), NEMA Series, BLDC Motors, BLDC Servo Motors, Planetary Gear Motor, Linear Actuator, Bearings, etc. Our products have been widely recognized by majority of the customers around the world. The explanation for our unwavering progress is that we ensure that the products we manufacture comply with the highest quality standards and are sold to consumers at the most competitive rates. Moreover, we also focus on maintaining moral approaches when serving the customers.


Certain factors which can best demonstrate why our company should be chosen:
  • We are supported with a well trained team to conduct every company operation with perfection.
  • We make sure that good quality of raw materials are used to manufacture the products. 
  • We clearly recognize the individual demands of customers and get the best solutions for them, especially for custom product needs.
  • We make certain that all shipments of customers are completed safely and promptly as scheduled. 

Vision & Value

The main vision & value of our company is to offer the customers with superior quality of machinery components and products such as Planetary Gearboxes, Stainless Steel Gearboxes, NEMA Gearboxes, Right Angle Gearboxes, Flanges Gearboxes, Planetary Gearmotor, Bearings, Linear Actuator, BLDC Motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, Wash-down Motor, custom gearboxes or custom motors, etc., which also meet their specific requirements. Moreover, our focus is also on customer satisfaction which has helped in progressing our business all around the world.

Our Team

While a manufacturing based company has to handle many different operations, it can be difficult for it to address the growing customer requirements. Nevertheless, this has not been a source of concern for our business because we have the most competent team members to carry out all the processes in such a way that any customer expectation can be conveniently addressed. Our team is responsible for manufacturing a wide range of products and also ensure that they all are tested as per high quality norms. As a whole, with the unconditional support of our team, we are able to meet the rising demands of the market conveniently.


Apart from manufacturing machine components such as Precision Planetary Gearbox, Planetary Gearmotor, Gear Motors, BLDC Servo Motor, BLDC Motors, Reducers, Bearings, Linear Actuators, etc., PCCM also provides OEM/ODM services, milling, turning or other machining services or R&D engineering or relevant consulting& assembly services. The key values included in our precision machining section are as follows:

  • Quality- We ensure the best quality in our machining services.
  • Precision- We maintain the utmost level of precision in carrying out machining & inspection.
  • Service- We offer highly professional and efficient service.
  • Competitiveness- We maintain competitive pricing of our offerings. 

What PCCM Can Do for Customers?

Except for standards products, PCCM TEHCNOLOGIES also offer custom products per specific demands from customers from diverse industries as we know sometimes standard products can't exactly meet customers application needs. We listen to what customers need for their applications, we evaluate the feasibility, we try our best to cost down while maintain good quality, we manufacture specifications and dimensions of custom motors, planetary gearboxes or gear motors or other mechanical components per customers requirements. When customers need some specific motors, gearboxes, reducers, gear motors, bearings or mechanical components, we can offer them the suitable solutions of our products with competitive pricing. Anytime, any specific application demands, please feel free to email, to discuss with our sales & engineering team!

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